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Populated places (including cities, towns and villages) established (i.e., first settled or otherwise came into existence) in the year 1860.Where reliable foundation dates exist, articles should be categorised by year for 1500 and later, by decade from the 1300s to the 1490s, by century from the 10th century BC to the 13th century and by millennium for the 2nd millennium BC and earlier.In this series, Jayne Shrimpton, internationally recognised dress historian, portrait specialist, photo detective and regular contributor to Family Tree, Your Family History and Family History Monthly magazines, dates and analyses different types of photographs and helps you to add context to your old family pictures.Having learned in the previous blog how photograph compositions and studio settings changed over the years, we now look closely at what our forebears are wearing in old photographs.In fact, we’re not sure you could even call it an “announcement” …

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Welcome to the fifth in our series of blogs about how to understand and interpret your old family photos.In rural New England during the 1780s and 1790s as many as one-third of all young women were pregnant at the time they were married.Most people felt that so long as the couple married, there was little shame in premarital pregnancies.Prior to 1500, where greater dating accuracy exists, articles should also be placed in the appropriate Establishments by year category.For any period in history, if reliable information does not narrow down the point of foundation beyond a given time period then articles should only be categorised by the most specific time period (i.e.This is a good question but photographic evidence suggests that in many cases even humbler working ancestors followed the latest styles.