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La Nt Rah, for her part, was alerting me to a work-from-home opportunity in which, "for just 5USDOLLAR," I could "get back more than hundreds for just 1months." If it sounds like I'm bragging about all my hot online dalliances, I'm not.It's easy enough to tell that my weirdly forward, grammar-challenged e-harem does not contain any real people.From Bebo in its original format to the generation of HTML hobbyists created by My Space and Xanga, we want to take you on a trip down social networking memory lane.Definitely a favourite in emarkable HQ, this is the place were the social networking began for quite a lot of people.Our marketing team is composed of self-confessed social media nerds, as should be expected from any digital agency specialising in Inbound.A topic that recently came up was the growth of Social Media in the last 5 years which brought us on to the Noughties Social Networking Sites.The patent covers the determining and display of relationships between individuals who have entered personal information into a social network; specifically, determining who is in your circle of friends and who isn’t.The patent application was filed just over three years ago – what a great example of the dangers of a behind-the-times US Patent and Trademark Office.

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Myspace still exists but in our professional opinion it is way too sleek these days.

Props to them for turning it into a platform for artists to truly showcase themselves as My Space really did become the platform for music lovers to share their passion.

is the subject heading that each of these lovely ladies chose for the messages they sent me via Friendster, a social-networking site that I haven't visited with any regularity since 2006.

While the subject headings were the same, the messages themselves were different.