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Observablecollection binding not updating couples dating pictures

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In the XAML I have bound the Items Source to the Customer Summary Details Property.

This was so I didnt have to bind to Selected Customer. The Selected Customer property has a get and a set method, and the set calls On Property Changed for the OTHER property, Customer Summary Details, letting the XAML know that the underlying collection has changed and to update.

I've also updated it with the VM now, however please note that I only posted the relevant information.

Things like error handling and else have been omitted.

Here your Property Track List Observable must be a INotify Property or Dependency Property.

So that only you can achieve the result what you want.

I am having a similar issue however my scenario differs from your test scenario as I have a asynchronous call to an external api to load data.

So when you modify a collection item you will need to notify the binding that the property was changed.is reporting when items are added or removed from it, but if the collection itself changes (i.e.a new instance is instantiated) there's nothing to report the change.One solution is to use the INotify Property Changed interface in your You can initialize the backing field in the declaration as you've done before or just initialize the property in the constructor.Just make sure that you bind to the property and not the backing field.A common mistake that occurs in this scenario is that the items are not being added to the same OC that is bound to the Rad List View because it was replaced without Prop Changed.