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We are having a marvellous time both here and in Somerset where we now live together very happily.
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I’m always thankful for my Nana’s sage advice, but in all seriousness, I don’t see anything wrong with contributing to or paying completely for a date after you’ve gone out a few times and especially when you two are “official.” (After all, a true Southern girl is an independent women with good manners.) 3. This is just one of the nicest, kindest gestures a guy can make, in my opinion. P does this without me reminding him.*** Seriously, fellas, if you do this, that Southern girl will be putty in your hands! This shows your lady friend how attentive you are to her needs, and it will undoubtedly bring a smile to her face. Now you obviously don’t need to do this when it’s just the two you because, well, that would be silly. Southern girls like to have a good time wherever we are – a fancy restaurant, movie theater, play, or an NFL game.

This rule came compliments of my saucy French hairdresser who often doles out advice on love during Saturdays dedicated to good hair, lots of crazy talk with the inevitable conclusion of me leaving there feeling better than when I first came in . I arrive at the local sports bar one Saturday right on time. He is very attractive, although a little short for my 5’10” frame, but overall, all signs point to being off to a good start. I toss in a story about my rustic Southern upbringing and get a few laughs. As the night wears on, we discover a mutual interest in travel and running.

A good man is hard to find, and a true Southern gentleman may be even harder to find. I am led to believe one of three theories about the perfect southern gentleman. He is an amalgam created by the Southern woman kind of like the game junior high girls play when they create the perfect guy with the head of Ryan Gosling, the body of Channing Tatum, and the personality of Matthew Mc Conaughey.3.

He existed generations ago, but like the dinosaurs, he is no more; or, perhaps, he never really existed to begin with and is a mythological creature like the loch ness monster or a unicorn.2.

Most Southern girls (and girls with good manners) were taught to wait until a gentleman opens the door. Whether you’re dating a Southern girl, Northern girl, or a girl from Ipanema, I think the guy should pay for the first couple of dates.** This just goes without saying. My Nana (maternal grandmother) told me in these situations I should reach for my wallet so as to suggest that I’m willing and able to pay. It’s completely unladylike, and there’s no graceful way to do it! In most nice restaurants, a waiter/host will take care of this when you first sit down.

So dear male reader, be that gentleman, open the door for your date (and any other female passerby, for that matter)! Now, a real gentleman, she said, would tell me to put my wallet away! If you’re living in the “big city” (that’s Southern talk for any metropolitan area, btw), chances are you and your Southern girl are going to catch a cab together. But when your Southern belle excuses herself from the table (assuming said belle has been taught to do so before leaving a table), you better high-tail it to her chair and pull it out for her. I know you’re tired of my rules by now, but this is another important “special occasion” rule to remember, especially when you are meeting her parents for the first time or at a very nice dinner.