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One of the cool things about Alias early on was that superspy Sydney was surrounded by men who didn’t have a fraction of her talents.Bristow did have a male field partner, but Vaughn and Syd’s reporter friend Will Tippin (played by a pre-fame Bradley Cooper) were practically male damsels in distress. Instead of going all the way of subverting that sexist trope, Vaughn starts going on missions.The first season of Veronica Mars, an American drama television series created by Rob Thomas, premiered on UPN in the United States on September 22, 2004. Television, Silver Pictures Television and Rob Thomas Productions, and Joel Silver and Thomas served as the executive producers.

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Her father, County Sheriff Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni), accuses Lilly's father of being involved in the murder.The original production notes and pilot script had some other big changes: names!Lilly's name was Samantha; Lianne Mars' was Rebecca, then Abbie; Wallace's last name was Collier; Logan's last name was Hewitt; and the Kanes family’s last name was Cain, then Caine.in the sense that fans always love to argue about when the show jumped the shark, with style points going to who could make a case for the earliest point in time.For Alias, I’ve heard everything from the fifth and last season (when the show hastily introduced a number of new characters in an effort to write around Garner’s pregnancy) to the middle of the first (when, realizing that it was 2003 and people couldn’t binge watch the series on Netflix because that wasn’t a thing yet, they resorted to a clip show to explain the show’s complicated continuity for anyone who had missed an episode).This provokes Neptune's wrath and Keith's ousting as sheriff in a recall election.