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**4DFREEVIEW This scan includes viewing your baby in live 4D from available views and thermal b/w 3D scan prints at no extra charge.

Please note that 4DFREEVIEW is a free option and if your baby’s position is not favorable for aesthetics on the day, we cannot offer a free rescan for this reason.

Angle btwn femoral mechanical axis (drawn from center of femoral head to intercondylar notch) and tibial mechanical axis (drawn from center of tibial plateau to center of tibial plafond) is xdeg varus/valgus on the right and ydeg varus/valgus on the left.

(Note: angles reported as deviation from 180; neg are varus=apex lateral; and pos are valgus=apex medial) 6 non-rib bearing lumbar-type vertebral bodies [with the most inferior vertebral body labeled as L6 for purposes of this dictation] [with most superior vertebral body presumed to represent T12 with hypoplastic ribs].

Prenatal diagnosis and prenatal screening are aspects of prenatal care that focus on detecting anatomic and physiologic problems with the zygote, embryo, or fetus as early as possible, either before gestation even starts (as in preimplantation genetic diagnosis) or as early in gestation as practicable.

Fracture margins are ill-defined suggesting resorption or hyperemia associated with early inflammatory/reparative process.

FINDINGS: AP views of bilateral AC joints without and without weight bearing demonstrate normal acromioclavicular and coracoclavicular distances without fracture, dislocation, or significant degenerative changes. External fixation device in place (above and below fx site) with pins/screws connected to external fixation rods via clamps.

FINDINGS: [acute/subacute] [open/closed] [intra-articular] [mild/mod/severely comminuted] [incomplete/avulsion/transverse/oblique/spiral/longitudinal/segmental/impacted/torus or buckle/greenstick/pathologic] fracture. There has been interval [increasing sclerosis at fracture site] [periosteal new bone formation] [immature/mature callus] [bridging osseous callus] [obliteration of fracture lucency] suggesting continued healing and remodelling.

The screening focuses on finding problems among a large population with affordable and noninvasive methods, whereas the diagnosis focuses on pursuing additional detailed information once a particular problem has been found, and can sometimes be more invasive.

Screening can also be used for prenatal sex discernment.